Game of Thrones Season 3

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Filming Locations


The long awaiting game of thrones season 3 is coming very soon, seeing as we waited for the series from the July 2012 until now. The next thirty or so days until 31. march (Game of Thrones Season 3 premiere for those of you that live under a rock) are going to fly by very quickly, mainly because we are going to have some game of thrones season 3 leaks from the set prepared for all of those hardcore loving fans.

About the game of thrones third season hasn’t been many information, the media press releases were vague and not revealing many, however  we now know for a certainty a few things : Filming Locations; Storyline; Roles; Episodes info.

This article is going to tell you a little info on the Filming Locations, see other articles for more information on the upcoming game of thrones season.

Game of thrones season 3 was filmed on the same locations as the second season which means that filming took place on four different locations spanning thousands of miles between them. The King’s Landing scenes  were filmed in the city of Dubrovnik in the Eastern European country of Croatia. Instead of Malta the filming  of King’s Landing since the Second season takes place in Dubrovnik that is conveniently  enough placed at the coast of Adriatic sea. City is surrounded with walls and has a fortress over 500 years old which totally looks badass and gives an impression of a medieval town.  “King’s Landing might be the single most important location in the entire show, and it has to look right,” said Co-Executive Producer David Benioff. Which explains that Croatia is better suited for representing an authentic medieval walled city than Malta.


Dubrovnik Fortress Kings Landing

Dubrovnik Bokar Fortress was used to represent city of King’s Landing in season 2 and 3



Iceland was once again used for scenes of everlasting snow. But unlike in other seasons filming in game of thrones season 3 took only 8 days. Within that time worked 3 directors with 3 directing teams covering scenes from the five of the ten episodes in season 3. In game of thrones season 3 filming Jon Snow and his fellow brothers of the Night’s Watch in cold and harsh conditions was wrapped up after record breaking 8 days. Iceland’s beautiful and barren landscapes were perfect for the scenes north of the Wall in fact it was so perfect that in post-production the crew didn’t do anything to add mountains or snow.

Daenerys Targaryen  and her adventures in the fictional continent of Essos were being filmed in Morocco, a land that shares uncanny resemblance to the Free Cities in the desert. Region of Essos known as Slaver’s Bay is the main stage of Daenerys’s and her dragons storyline.


Daenerys's and her dragons


The production was once again based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, were primary filming has taken place, and continued to receive support from Northern Ireland Screen fund. Just as Peter Jackson’s  trilogy “Lord Of The Rings” used numerous locations in New Zealand to stand in for everything from Mordor to the Shire, the Game of Thrones team used Belfast and its different surroundings to film various regions of Essos and Westeros.

All in all, it’s a great challenge coordinating simultaneous shooting whenever you have several filming locations with vast distances between them. It yet remains to be seen will the game of thrones season 3 rise up to the expectations as the previous ones.